Anguillara Sabazia


Located in an area where human settlement dates back to the Neolithic period (5500 BC) and later strongly affected by the presence of the Romans, Anguillara takes its name from an ancient Roman villa called “Angularia” due to the right angle shape of the coast where it was built.  Its history was linked for centuries to the family of the “Anguillaras”. The family remained until 1488, and afterwards the property passed form hand to hand until the long ownership of Orsini family, then the Grillo family in 1693 and then to the Dukes Doria D’Angri Eboli in 1872. In the recent past Angullara is a fast-growing town and a popular touristic destination, not only for the weekend but also for long stay tourism (both in summer season and for cultural and natural itineraries during the rest of the year).